13-12-2017 15:43
The personalised registration is being sold to help buy Christmas meals for the homeless.
13-12-2017 13:58
SOMERSET families are being urged to get rid of all recycling and rubbish before Christmas to avoid the risk of bad weather and collection disruption during peak waste demand.
13-12-2017 13:39
A HUGE business park that aims to bring thousands of jobs to the town is set to be built without normal planning permissions.
13-12-2017 12:17
A WELLINGTON hair salon has been chosen as the winner of a festive window competition.
13-12-2017 11:14
A BID to reinforce Taunton Deane's dedication to providing affordable housing has been flattened.
13-12-2017 10:58
A FORMER nightclub in the shadow of a church has a new occupant - another church.
13-12-2017 10:55
The team canoed and walked 185 miles (300km) over eight days.
13-12-2017 10:20
A 53-year-old man believed to be drink-driving was arrested after failing to stop when a car crashed into a petrol station.
13-12-2017 10:13
PEOPLE visiting Taunton's Musgrove Park Hospital are being asked if possible not to leave unaccompanied dogs tied up outside during appointments.
12-12-2017 16:49
Anne Marie Morris apologises for using a racist remark and says she has learnt from the experience.
12-12-2017 16:34
The Devon property comes with a Rolls Royce and staff for a year as part of a charity raffle.
12-12-2017 11:39
The release of high-risk inmates at Dartmoor Prison is 'rushed and poor', a report says.
11-12-2017 18:27
A girl's brain was starved of oxygen during her delivery at North Devon District Hospital.
11-12-2017 17:14
"If she's dead, it's on you," a neighbour told firefighters when they arrived.